Bombay: Man detained for calling with threat of bombing at luxury hotel


PTI, October 21, 2022, 5:23 PM IST

A man has been arrested for allegedly calling and threatening to blow up a luxury hotel in the suburb of Vakola, a Mumbai police official said on Friday.

The call was received at 8:49 p.m. Thursday, after which an investigation team began efforts to catch the person by collecting the call detail record (CDR) and the location of the mobile tower, said he declared.

“Our investigation found that the accused is an alcoholic. Earlier, he had called with a bomb threat at Mumbai University. FIRs are registered against him at BKC and Vakola Police Stations,” the manager said.

Earlier on Tuesday, a call was received from Navi Mumbai on hotline 112 regarding bomb blasts at a shopping mall in Andheri, a multiplex in Juhu and a hotel near the airport.

The case related to this appeal was registered in Azad Maidan and the investigation was transferred to Navi Mumbai Police. The investigation into the case is continuing, an official said.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai police have asked people not to believe such rumors and scam calls, which they say are made by those who intend to spread fear.

He asked people to celebrate the festive season without fear as the strictest security measures are in place in the metropolis.


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