Bomb explosion in Kannur leaves one dead and two injured


Kannur: One person was killed and two others injured in a bomb blast in Kannur district of Kerala on Sunday afternoon.

According to police, the deceased and the injured were part of the same group and planned to attack another group with the bomb following an argument a day ago.

On Saturday, arguments between the two groups took place at a house in Thottada where a wedding was to take place, they said.

After locals intervened, the dispute was resolved and the wedding took place on Sunday morning.

Subsequently, in the afternoon, around 2 p.m., the attack occurred in front of the wedding including the bride and groom.

No one from the wedding party was injured in the attack, he added.

When the bomb was thrown, instead of hitting anyone from the rival group, it hit Jishnu – a member of the attacking group – whose head was blown off while two others – Hemant and Aravind – were injured, it said. the police.

An unexploded bomb was also recovered from the site, he added.

He said both groups were affiliated with the same party and therefore political rivalry was not a reason for the attack.

Police told reporters that once the injured people were interviewed, further details, including the identities of other members of the attacking group, would be revealed.


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