Bomb explosion at the Valimai theatre..


Fans use the accordion to light firecrackers and celebrate the release of ‘Valimai’ as if it were a festival. Fans who saw the film in the early hours commented on it in various ways on Twitter.

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In this situation, fans notice that the movie “Valimai”, which was released today, is on a different level. Fans are thrilled with the film, which they say was well worth the three-year wait. Fans flocked to several theaters early in the morning to see the first show.

Ajith fans had gathered coimbatore before the release of the film Valimai. When the show started at 5 p.m. at the Ganga, Yamuna and kaveri theaters on the 100ft route, only fans who had already purchased tickets were allowed to enter the theatre.

The rest of the fans waited for the next show.

At that time, unknown persons who came to the scene on two-wheelers threw a Molotov cocktail in the direction of the area where the supporters had gathered in front of the theater and fled. It caused some minor injuries to the fans there.

Knowing this, Kattoor Police rushed to the scene and spotted him.

An investigation is underway into the causes of the bombing.

The incident caused a stir in Coimbatore.


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