Bomb blast on police as raids occurred at residences in

Anivijaya, one of the Free Vellore Freight DIG cities, wondered about this. DIG Vellore Goods Anne Vijaya has received reports that the sale of illegal alcohol and cannabis is on the rise in Arakkonam Police Subdivision of Ranipettai District. For the past few days, on his orders, a special squad commanded by Ranipet District Police Superintendent Dr. Deepasathyan has been carrying out raids and cannabis raids in Ranipet and Arakkonam police subdivisions.

During a private police raid in the Arakkonam area two days ago, Wally was arrested for selling cannabis. Wali told police during interrogation that he bought a bag of cannabis from Jayasuriya in Arakkonam nagar district and was selling it. Following this, authorities detained and interrogated Jayasuriya. “We bought and sold cannabis to him at retail,” he explained. Following this, Arakkonam city police led by Inspector Srinivasan this afternoon went to Riyaz residence in Uppukkulam area near Arakkonam to conduct a police search special staff.

Riyaz fled the area knowing the cops were on the way. When the police invaded his home, the mysterious object in his hand exploded. Santosh and Yelumalai, two policemen, as well as Jayasuriya, who had located Riyaz’s house, were not killed. All three were immediately rescued and taken to Arakkonam Government Hospital. Three people were transferred from there to Chennai Government Hospital for further treatment.


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