Biosphere Corporation partially relocates to western regions, plans to duplicate production overseas – owner


Since the beginning of the war, the Biosphere Corporation, the largest in Ukraine in the market for domestic products, has partially relocated its production and logistics facilities to western regions and plans to organize duplicate production in the foreign to work in foreign markets, said the owner and CEO of the company Andriy Zdesenko.

“Although all factories are working, we moved from the main production plant to Dnipro: we opened production in Ternopil and increased the capacity and range of our Letychiv plant by 20%, as they are safer. We have also moved half of our logistics capabilities to western Ukraine, to reduce the risk of destruction from missile strikes,” he said in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

Zdesenko said that Biosphere has been working around the clock since the third day of the war because its products are essential goods: personal hygiene products, wet and dry wipes, trash bags, baby diapers, toilet paper, disposable tableware, cleaning products, etc. .

“Our production only stopped for a day or two, in order to understand what was happening, what was happening with the employees, to regroup. First, the Biosphere KPD key plant was launched in Dnipro , then in Letychiv (Khmelnytsky region), then in Fastiv (Kyiv region), and now we have opened the production of wet wipes in Ternopil,” said the head of Biosphere.

He said that the company managed to prepare qualitatively for a possible war, having clearly worked out the system of the main bomb shelter and several others in the enterprises. According to him, during air raids, personnel go into hiding, production stops, which greatly affects the efficiency and cost of production.

Zdesenko also said that even during the war, Biosphere managed to launch the production of new products, for example, Clean Peremoha wet wipes, the first batch of which was completely donated to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ukrzaliznytsia employees and volunteers, and the first batch of goods will be released on June 15.

“Now we are preparing to launch a number of new product lines, which we think our consumers need, and there are orders from abroad. Despite all the difficulties, we are working, and I think we work perfectly,” said the owner. and the CEO said.

“We have a second stage, which helps to hold on, is export, but today export is around 20% of the main volume. We want it to be 50/50 within five years” , added Zdesenko.

At the same time, he noted the enormous problems, especially logistics, that exist with the implementation of export contracts, which are so necessary for the company for stable operation in the face of a declining domestic market and military risks. in Ukraine. In this regard, the head of the company announced plans to create duplicate production abroad.

“Because we cannot fulfill export contracts and develop Ukraine’s exports with such restrictions. No one will reckon with us… And for me, the task now is to bring duplicate production to peaceful Europe,” Zdesenko said.

He said that Biosphere will not take key production from Ukraine, as it is fundamentally needed in the domestic market, especially for the production of diapers, non-woven fabrics and all hygiene products.

“But we need duplicate production, as we are currently actively working with 15 countries and want at least 20 more. This production should most likely be in countries close to Ukraine so that we can export our fabric nonwoven for production and come, from time to time, to check it. Therefore, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Lithuania – these are the countries we are looking at today. Maybe we’ll buy someone,” the company’s chief said, describing the situation.

According to him, some banks have even expressed a desire to participate in this project, since it is about the purchase of assets abroad, and not in Ukraine.

Biosphere Corporation has been operating in Ukraine for over 20 years. Its products are represented on the markets of 30 countries in Europe and Asia. The product portfolio includes over 2,000 items under 13 brands.

The company’s capabilities are represented by four factories with a total production area of ​​35,000 square meters in the Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv and Khmelnytsky regions, as well as logistics complexes with an area of ​​30,000 square meters. After the war, production was also opened in Ternopil.

Together with the French group Lemoine, Biosphere also has a factory in Estonia for the production of cotton products with an area of ​​8,500 square meters.


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