Bengaluru PUBG Player Makes Fake Bomb Call To Win The Game | bangalore


On March 30, a 12-year-old boy from Bengaluru allegedly made a bomb call to the Railway Police hotline. He claimed to have kept a bomb at Yelahanka station. Authorities quickly responded and shut down the station for 90 minutes, but concluded it was a hoax.

Boy’s motive was to stop his classmate from boarding the Kacheguda Express at the station, because then he would lose his partner in PUBG and have to stop playing. His call, which reached the rail helpline around 2 p.m. Wednesday, caused fear, forcing authorities to cordon off the station for search operations.

After a thorough analysis involving the Railway Protection Forces (RPF), the anti-sabotage brigade and the canine brigade, it was established that the call was a prank. The railway authorities then tried to reach his number several times, but the mobile had been switched off.

The boy allegedly used the phone his parents had given him. According to, Indian Express news Authorities tracked down the last available location of the PUBG addicted boy by phone and found it to be a house in Vinayak Nagar in Yelahanka.

Security scans and checks reportedly delayed all trains entering and leaving Yelahanka station by almost two hours. Indian Express news quoted the Divisional Director of Railways of Bengaluru Division, Shyam Singh, as saying that the state police clearance team had to give the station written permission from them to resume operations at the station, which arrived around 4.15 p.m., and all trains were able to resume operations at 5 p.m.

The boy’s parents were given advice on how to advise him on the incident, with plainclothes police also visiting his residence to advise him. There are no charges against the boy as he is a minor, according to reports.

In the same vein, a class 10 student was shot and injured in Hyderabad by his friend following a dispute that developed over the mobile game PUBG.

In Jaipur, a class 12 student, who was addicted to PUBG, committed suicide after his parents refused to give him a phone on his birthday. This incident happened in mid-February this year.


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