Battlefield 2042: Update 2.1.1 improves weapon balance


Update 2.1.1 increases weapon balancing and other adjustments to the Battlefield 2042 shooter.

In preparation for the shooter Battlefield 2042, we have update 2.1.1 now available. This emphasizes user-friendliness and improved firefighting. For this, some bugs will be squashed and Avancys, K30, MP9, M16A3 and M60E4 weapons will be sorted.

The biggest changes happening in the interim update are: at a glance.

M16A3 and M60E4 have correct recoil reduction on consoles to achieve more consistent performance on platforms M16A3 and M60E4 received a balance change to improve performance Avancys, K30 and MP9 received balance changes to improve performance We fixed an issue that prevented some players from aiming ADS after exiting a car. Fixed a crash that could occur when firing weapons with a controller for an extended period of time.

2.1.1 Notes are not available.


Killing a raw mouse does not stop active movement in a game.


Fresh Start Sometimes it was possible to deploy under the map in the first sector. This won’t happen again Fresh Start Fixed a few areas on Conquest 64 so you wouldn’t see anything better than Off-the-Feeding.


A fire coming from an engine was ruining scalability between client and server. After one shot, they actually hit. This problem has been solved. The AC-42 sight can be reinserted into the default slot after equipping the UH-1 Smart 1.5x scope. Issue where ADS would not activate after leaving a moving vehicle at game end if the equipped weapon had an underbarrel extension. This bug reappears, as does the fix. Please let us know if you continue to notice after this update. The M16A3 now has the correct headshot multiplier for Double Shock (2.15x)x.


The Avancys was very accurate and, with its large magazine, was clearly too strong in continuous fire. We have reduced this precision in our work.

Base airflow increased to ’32 -> 0.36 Spread per shot increased to ’03 -> 0.06 am


The K30 is intended to be a short range SMG and was too accurate at medium range. Finally, accuracy at range accuracy has been decreased.

md gain increased: : 0.15 – and a gtgt; : 0.18 Spread per hit: 0.09 – and a gtgtgtgt; 0.15 Spread falloff reduced: – 20 – and a gtgtgtgtgt.

MP9The MP9 is also intended for short distances. The accuracy of the K30 has been reduced to a medium level.

The spread is increasing by 0.06 – undgt; 0.11 mt. Spread angle increased: 0 – – 0.9 o’clock; 0.17.

M16A3The performance of the M16A3 does not match that of other assault rifles. To compensate, the accuracy of continuous fire has been reduced.

With reduced base blades: 0.44%, 0.36 With reduced first hand pistol blades: 1.45%, >0.15 MB coil gap: 0.13%, >0.0.1% .

M60E4 The performance of the M60E4 was not exactly what it was for other LMGs. To compensate for the loss of the bullet on recoil, the recoil has been significantly reduced and the accuracy of continuous fire has been increased.

Lower Base Weight: 0.6 – gt; 1.54 ADS deviation: 0.22 – gt; 0.17 Overweight multiplier reduced from 6 bullets to 4 Damage increased at all points in range.

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