Bangladesh: bomb attack in Dhaka, 7 dead and several injured



Dhaka: At least seven people lost their lives and several others were injured in an explosion in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, on Sunday. Although the explosion also damaged the vehicle and nearby buildings, authorities have yet to determine the nature of the explosion. Faisalur Rahman, an official in the fire control room, said the explosion took place in the evening at a building in the Moghbazar district of Dhaka. Rescuers rushed to the scene after the explosion. Rahman said at least seven buildings were damaged in the blast.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Shafikul Islam told reporters that at least seven people were killed in the incident and the injured were admitted to hospital. Of this case, Dhaka Deputy Police Commissioner Sajjad Hussain said: “Of course, it’s a big bang. A fire brigade demining team and the Dhaka Metropolitan Police counterterrorism unit arrived on the scene. Their experts work together. They are in the process of determining the cause of the explosion and the damage it caused ”.

Eyewitnesses said pieces of glass and concrete debris were visible in the streets. Two passenger buses parked outside the building where the explosion took place were severely damaged. Dhaka-based TV channel Ekaterin said around 50 people are being admitted to hospital, 10 of whom are in critical condition.

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