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Any horror fans who have been craving a fun game to play with friends should look no further than Propnight. Propnight is a fantastic 4 vs 1 multiplayer game that is the perfect mix of party games with friends and classic horror survival.

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The entire premise of the game revolves around four survivors who must fight their way through the map and repair various Propmachines that will open an exit door in order to successfully escape the killer. During this time, the player who takes the role of the killer must catch and eliminate the survivors (with the help of the Hypnochairs) or wait until the time runs out to win and defeat the survivors.


Why does choosing different killers make a difference?

Every killer character in Propnight has their similarities and differences. Each killer deals 30 damage with their basic attack. Each Killer is also equipped with its own unique abilitiesexcept for the Hunt ability that every killer has.

  • hunt: Increases movement speed when continuously chasing a Survivor for eight seconds. The Hunt can be upgraded for every eight-second interval a Survivor chases. This ability can stack, with level three being the maximum.

In total, there are five killers to choose from in Propnight; except for the last Killer, the Keymaster, which was removed and was only available in the beta version of the game.

here is every killer in Propnight and their basic information to understand how they play and also how to play against them.


Propnight Killer Banshee

The Banshee is a slayer who wears a black and white nun outfit. Many have drawn comparisons between her and Valak from the horror movie, The Conjuring 2. She has a ghostly pale face with red eyes, sharp teeth, and deadly claws.


  • Curse: Interferes with Propmachines, making them more difficult for Survivors to repair.
  • Yell: The Banshee lets out a cry that deals 10 damage to all players within range/area of ​​effect. The Scream ability cannot deal damage through walls, allowing survivors to use obstacles for safety. Once the ability is used, the Banshee will be visible to all Survivors affected by the Shout for two seconds (even through walls).
  • Flight: The Banshee can fly in any direction to reach an observation post to hunt down survivors. This is a rechargeable ability.


Propnight killer granny

The grandmother may look like a simple old lady, but she wears old, tattered clothes and has a lifeless look in her eyes that makes her look menacing. She carries a large cleaver-shaped knife.


  • Mine: Grandma summons a ghostly knife that flies at a Survivor that lasts 50 seconds and deals 15 damage. There can only be one knife summoned at a time with a 15 second cooldown.
  • Astral: Grandma is invisible for five seconds. Under a 25 second cooldown.
  • To throw: Grandma uses a knife as a projectile and can hit a survivor for 15 damage from a distance. Has a four second cooldown.


Propnight Killer Impostor

The Imposter is a dapper faceless killer; no eyes or nose, just a broad, sharp-toothed smile. He wears an all-black suit and carries a small dagger.


  • Overload: Causes all unrepaired Propmachines to overload and gains a speed boost for each repaired Propmachine with a 60 second cooldown. Also gives the Imposter one hunt level per Propmachine repaired and caps at a maximum of three levels. Once the ability is used, the Impostor will be visible through walls to all nearby Survivors for two seconds.
  • To spy: The Impostor disguises himself as one of the survivors, capable of inflicting 30 damage, with a cooldown of five seconds. If stunned by a Survivor, the disguise will disappear.
  • To support: Imposter disguises itself as a prop for 30 seconds, with a seven second cooldown.

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Propnight Killer Akasha

Akasha is a young vampire who is said to bear a strong resemblance to one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters in Resident Evil 8. She has dark, messy makeup and uses a gladius as her primary weapon of choice.


  • blade dance: Akasha dashes forward, damaging all survivors in the area of ​​effect.
  • blood eye: Akasha summons a Floating Eye that tracks the movement of all nearby Survivors. Has a range/area of ​​effect of approximately ten meters.
  • Shadow: Akasha transforms into a shadow to increase her movement speed but cannot attack while in her form.


Propnight Killer Igor

Igor is an unknown human, dressed in a menacing pink bunny costume with red eyes and sharp teeth. He wields a chainsaw as his main weapon to complete the rest of his very distressed and terrifying look.


  • Chainsaw Terror: The sound of Igor’s chainsaw plays all over the map, obscuring Igor’s true location.
  • soda bomb: Igor throws a bomb that damages nearby Survivors.
  • Load: Igor quickly charges with his chainsaw.

Propnight was released on November 30, 2021 and is available on Microsoft Windows.

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