Airbus presents a new production standard for the A350


European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has announced the delivery of the 500th A350 passenger plane and introduced a new production standard for the widebody.

Airbus recently delivered its 500th A350-900 aircraft to Spanish airline Iberia, it announced September 30, 2022. According to the manufacturer, the handover also marks the introduction of a new Airbus production standard, under which he improved both the performance and the passenger cabin of the A350-900 and A350-1000 variants.

“Compared to previous standards, it brings a weight reduction of up to 1.2 tons by optimizing systems and structures and increasing the use of advanced materials which already represent more than 70% of the aircraft”, said Airbus. wrote.

Airbus also explains that it has increased the maximum take-off weight (MTW) ​​of the A350 by an additional 3 tonnes, meaning the aircraft can maintain its maximum range capability while carrying an increased payload.

“It also positions the A350 platform ready for future trends, including decarbonization solutions, a key driver for operators,” Airbus said. “With improved performance, 25% less fuel burn and CO2 emissions, and 50% less noise footprint compared to previous generation aircraft, the A350 Family continues to attract operators 8 years later. its entry into service, offering both great versatility – up to 9,700 nm /18,000 km – and efficiency.

As for cabin improvements, the upgraded A350 features a wider interior cabin, giving airlines the flexibility to fit over 30 additional passenger seats in a typical 3-class configuration.

“When we designed the A350 and delivered the first, we were extremely proud to have created a true state-of-the-art aircraft, delivering unrivaled performance and economy. It offers exceptional space, comfort and quiet to passengers, and it contributes significantly to the decarbonisation of aviation,” said Philippe Mhun, Airbus Executive Vice President for Programs and Services.

According to Airbus, the aircraft manufacturer has more than 400 A350s in its order book at the end of September 2022.


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