AIR Updates US Bomb Explosion Modeling



AIR Worldwide, the Boston-based disaster modeling company part of Verisk Inc., said on Tuesday it had improved modeling of the extent of damage from conventional bombings in its terrorism model for United States.

The model can help show estimates of damage and loss, including property damage and workers’ compensation, and personal injury, using the size and location of the bomb, AIR said in its release. Tuesday. Model users can get loss results for a specific floor within a structure.

Customers can use AIR’s Touchstone online platform to select an explosion size and location to analyze the impact it will have on their specific business volume.

AIR used 3D numerical fluid dynamics simulations and incorporated data as recent as an RV bomb detonation in downtown Nashville, TN on December 25, 2020 to develop the model.

Tao Lai, vice president of research for AIR Worldwide, said the updated model can produce a more realistic damage range for various forms of blast attacks, including the Oklahoma City bombing. which would have had the energy of 4,000 pounds of TNT and damaged 324 structures within a five-block radius.



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