Afghanistan. Taliban confirm killing of prominent cleric Rahimullah Haqqani in bomb blast


Taliban authorities said a bomb attack killed Rahimullah Haqqani, a renowned cleric, at his religious center in Kabul on Thursday August 11. Powerful. Taking to Twitter, Taliban deputy spokesman Bilal Karimi confirmed Haqqani’s killing. “It is with great sadness that we have learned that the country’s great personality and academic figure, Sheikh Sahib Rahimullah Haqqani, has risen to the highest position of martyrdom in the brutal onslaught of the ruthless enemy. [sic]“, wrote Karimi on Twitter.

According to reports, the local branch of the Islamic State group has been attacking both the Taliban and civilians since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan last year on August 15. Taliban fighters in Kabul prevented journalists from visiting the Haqqani religious complex after the attack. In addition, Taliban representatives also refused to go into detail about the type of bombing the cleric was the target of or confirm whether anyone else was killed or injured in the incident. attack, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

Afghanistan has seen several explosions in recent months: reports

According to local media, a number of explosions have occurred in recent months in Afghanistan. The explosions took place at several locations in Kabul, including Chandawal, Pul-e-Sokhta and Sarkariz. Earlier on August 6, an explosion occurred near the Pul-e-Sokhta area west of Kabul, killing at least three people and injuring seven. Meanwhile, the United States has denounced recent explosions in Afghanistan that have killed and injured more than 120 people in recent months.

Law and order remain fragile in Afghanistan

“Following the explosions claimed by the Islamic State in Kabul in recent days that have killed and injured more than 120 people, the United Nations family in Afghanistan urges greater security for minorities so that Ashura can be marked without other attacks,” the United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMA) said. wrote in a Twitter post. Notably, the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated after the Taliban seized power from the democratic government led by Ashraf Ghani on August 15, 2021, leading to the total collapse of the system. Since the Taliban took power, the public order situation in Afghanistan has also remained precarious with a declining economy and an unpredictable security situation for the population.

Image: Twitter/@BilalKarimi21


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