Afghanistan: “Magnetic Bomb” Explosion Targets Kabul Shiite Minority Neighborhood | World news



A “magnetic bomb” attached to a minibus exploded on Saturday in a predominantly Shiite area of ​​the Afghan capital Kabul, according to reports.

According to a Taliban official who spoke to Reuters but declined to be named, six people were killed and at least seven were injured. No official tally has been announced and no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

The explosion took place in the Dashte Barchi area west of Kabul and is the latest in a series of attacks across Afghanistan these last weeks.

Dashte Barchi has a large Hazara Shiite Muslim population, which has been repeatedly targeted by Islamic State militants.

In a tweet, Zabihullah Mujahid, the name of the official spokesperson for the Taliban, said a fire broke out in the district, killing at least one civilian and injuring two others.

An investigation was underway, he added.

A bomb attack on a school in the district took place earlier this year, before the withdrawal of the coalition of Afghanistan and the subsequent takeover by the Taliban.

At least 55 people were killed in this attack, most of them They are believed to be students aged 11 to 15, and at least 150 other people were injured.

The Afghan government at the time blamed the Taliban, but Mujahid denied any involvement at the time and in turn blamed the Islamic State.

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National Defense asked about the withdrawal from Afghanistan

Saturday’s explosion hits a country where millions of people are at risk of starving to death this winter as drought and economic collapse put the state in jeopardy.

The UN fears the crisis could worsen without drastic action, as weather conditions suggest a further drought in Afghanistan’s main wheat-producing areas is likely this winter.



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