A new X-Men movie could be in production


The new X-Men movie is one of Marvel Studios’ most mysterious projects. There is secrecy because only the president of the studio, Kevin Feige, knows how the reboot of the saga will go. However, a recent report may answer some of the questions. The studio may even reveal information about a new X-Men movie soon.

As the Deadline report suggested, the new movie in this franchise could start production soon. However, it would not be called x-men as in previous comics, series and films. Instead, this new X-Men movie would be called Mutantswhich makes sense since that’s the name Stan Lee originally wanted to give them.

Mutants: New X-Men Movie

The report published on Deadline suggests that the name of the new film would be Mutants. It says nothing about the plot, although the showrunners have confirmed that the characters will appear in unison in this production, and not one by one, as with The Avengers.

This article mentions several products to complete phase IV and to start phase V, such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, The Fantastic Four and Mutants.

Image via Marvel Studios

The announcement sparked controversy on social media, with some fans celebrating the new film and others criticizing the name. On the other hand, the press considers the name change to be appropriate to avoid confusion. Since all films made by Fox were named x-mena new name would set them apart, and Feige probably does.

A curious fact about this name is that Mutants was the name of the original comic. Stan Lee offered it to the publisher in the 1970s. However, the publisher refused, stating that readers wouldn’t know what a mutant was.

The news isn’t the only news related to Marvel’s presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Marvel Studios will officially outline its upcoming plans. Hopefully someone will discuss the movie and reveal the plot and cast details.

SDCC 2022: All the News, Trailers, Announcements and More

Marvel is in Hall H of the Comic-Con headquarters, where fans expected them to announce the new X-Men movie. Comic-Con is usually the place where the most influential films are announced. Rumor has it that the panel could involve the end of the MCU’s Phase IV announcement, with a crossover titled Secret Wars.

Social media is exploding with the news

Social media went into chaos when the production’s new name was announced. Some people exploded with joy at the confirmation of this new film. Other comments called for the film to be made as soon as possible, regardless of its name. The last group of users didn’t like the name very much.

Several users expressed their disagreement with the name change on their Twitter accounts. For example, username @CVBrady posted this comment “What is it, ‘The Mutants’, is it the New Mutants, wasn’t this movie already a bomb ?”.

Other comments called for the film to be developed quickly, regardless of the film’s name. An example was the comment from user @Horny Gandalf Toad who posted: “Mutants? MAKE THE XMEN ALREADY FOR GOD’S LOVE! USE LADY GOD IN MULTIVERSE. DO IT BEFORE I DIE OF OLD AGE. #MCU”.

Many fans are waiting for the announcements and said they want to officially announce this movie at Comic-Con. Hopefully, we’ll get the cast, plot, and possible release date details.

Finally, there’s a bit more information about the new X-Men movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mutants. San Diego Comic-Con 2022 could be where Marvel reveals the rest of the details surrounding this movie that would reboot the X-Men franchise. Meanwhile, fans continue to theorize who the new mutant team members will be. Personally, I want to see Taron Egerton as Wolverine; Who do you think should be part of the new X-Men?


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