A new musical theater production on Kickstarter brings a power play of passion, politics and history to 17th century England


The Fifth is a sensational musical about love amid the historic struggle between England’s Protestant monarch and Catholics.

How far can a man go for love? Since time immemorial the world has witnessed many acts of bravery in honor of love, but could a lover be valiant enough to commit regicide in order to protect his beloved? Well, history also bears witness to such a phenomenal incident that happened right in the heart of England. And London-based theater production company THE FIFTH recently launched a one-of-a-kind musical theater project that shines a light on the lesser-known story of 17e Century England to a global audience. Titled “The Fifth,” the musical aims to captivate with a passionate spectacle of love and politics, an awe-inspiring plot, fervent lyrics and a transcendent soundtrack.

“The Fifth is the English answer to the legendary Hamilton and Les Miserables. We look forward to presenting a lesser-known part of history that would inspire awe and likely motivate you to examine the concepts of love, war, revolution, and murder in a new way. We’re positive it’s going to be a worldwide sensation; our production offers a unique opportunity for musical theater performers as well as audiences to associate themselves with a unique project,” said Sean Aspin, one of THE FIFTH’s core team members.

Based on the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, The Fifth revolves around 4 main characters: Guy Fawkes (the protagonist), Maria Pulleyn, Francis Tresham and King James. The plot dates back to the 17e Century in England when the country was in the throes of an extreme skirmish between traditional Catholics and the new wave of Protestantism. This was the time when the monarchy leaned towards Protestantism and renounced Catholicism, leading to the outbreak of revolts by existing Catholics.

Guy, Francis and Maria were Catholics and both men were part of a revolutionary gang. Guy, the protagonist, was an ammunition expert and the 5e member of a rebel gang aiming to bring redemption and solace in a turbulent political environment. The revolutionaries devised a plan to bombard the House of Lords when it was inaugurated on November 5, 1605.

Francis and Maria were childhood sweethearts but Guy had always loved Maria. However, Maria married Guy when Francis was taken away by the soldiers on false charges. In a turn of events, after some time Guy and his fellow rebels were sentenced to prosecution by the monarch for their beliefs, forcing the adored lover to leave his pregnant wife behind.

The Fifth will be a 20-song original album with studio-quality compositions. The musical was composed by accredited musicians from the Royal College of Music

“The Fifth isn’t just any regular pay-per-view production – rather, we’re eager to create something truly remarkable, special, and something our audience would love to connect with. We’ve produced the trailer and will now to proceed with the final production. As of now, we have always received support from the community and count on the goodwill and generous collaboration of our backers via Kickstarter. Your kindness will allow us to bring this sensational production to life and to present an incredible power play in front of the world.

Contributors will be rewarded with exclusive discounts on music watch, production merchandise, a benefit to write songs for the production, and more.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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