737 MAX production continues for Chinese carriers pending recertification


China is the last major market yet to recertify the 737 MAX for passenger operations. However, the work continues at Boeing for its Chinese customers.

Although airlines around the world have successfully and safely reintegrated the 737 MAX into standard passenger operations, China’s civil aviation regulator, the CAAC, has yet to clear Boeing’s newest narrowbody. to return to his sky. As anticipation continues to grow towards Chinese recertification, Boeing also continues to prepare 737 MAX jets for its Chinese customers.

Work continues in Renton for Chinese MAX customers

Although Chinese airlines are not yet allowed to carry passengers on the 737 MAX, Boeing continues to work on fulfilling orders placed by its Chinese customers. Indeed, even in the past two days alone, continued activity has taken place with brand new 737s being readied for Chinese airlines. The activity, as reported by BOE Family Flights, includes:

  • A ferry flight for a China Southern MAX 8 on March 30, possibly after two years in storage. The plane, MSN 65250 and airline number 7875, flew from Victorville to San Antonio. If the aircraft has indeed spent the last two years in storage, this recent flight would be a strong indication that recertification is imminent.

  • The first flight for a Shenzhen Airlines 737 MAX 8 on March 31. The plane carries the MSN 61703 and the line number 8198.

  • A ferry flight for a Shandong Airlines MAX 8 on March 31. With MSN 61460 and line number 8189, the aircraft was sent to Victorville from Renton in March and recently flew from Victorville to Kelly Field (SKF).

  • A taxi check for a Xiamen Air MAX 8 on April 1. Although the aircraft’s MSN is unknown, its line number is 8205.

  • And finally, a ferry flight for an Air China MAX 8 on April 1. With line number 8190, the plane was transported from Boeing Field to Kelly Field.

March 30, ferry flight of a China Southern 737 MAX 8 from Victorville to San Antonio. Photo: FlightRadar24.com

First to put the MAX down, last to recertify?

With Russia firmly barred from any future deliveries of Boeing (or Airbus) planes, China and its aviation regulator appear to be the last major market yet to recertify the Boeing 737 MAX. The CAAC was the first to ground the type following a second fatal accident, which occurred in March 2019 in Ethiopia.

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While Boeing and its 737 MAX attracted a huge amount of negative attention, the aircraft manufacturer undertook a serious and rigorous journey to have the type recertified for passenger operations – a process that took more than a year and a half. In November 2020, the FAA cleared the type to resume normal passenger flights, and many jurisdictions followed suit during 2021. Since then, the type has operated safely around the world, with hundreds of thousands accumulated flight hours. .

China is one of Boeing’s biggest markets for the MAX. Photo: Getty Images

Look forward

Recertification test flights took place in China during the second half of 2021, and there has since been a lot of buzz around recertification in the country. Undoubtedly, when the order officially comes in, it will be a huge relief for Boeing and its airline customers in China.

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Sources: BOE Family Flights


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