49ers vs. Titans Same Parlay game for Thursday night football



Happy Holidays to our wonderful readers! We hope the season has brought you peace, joy and good fortune. And we look forward to giving you a Christmas bonus tonight, via a Parlay of the same game on PointsBet! Our last Thursday night football game of the season brings us a battle of playoff contenders, with the AFC The South-leading Tennessee Titans (9-5) host the San Francisco 49ers (8-6). It should be a great game, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for a pre-vacation. SGP.

For those who are not familiar, Same Game Parlays are basically bets made up of multiple correlated bets of a specific game. They offer bettors a plethora of options for betting on a game – and assembling props in a parlay within that game – beyond the standard spread, cash line, and over / under totals.

SGPThis has become one of the most popular ways to bet on professional sports, and we’ve run parlay bets that way on PointsBet all season long. Our last thursday evening SGP column from last week, for the Chiefs-Chargers prime-time divisional shock, strike hard! Check out this seven step beauty that would have earned you $ 700 on a $ 50 bet.

  • Choose your own line: Kansas City +3.5 (-276)
  • Alternative totals: ON 47.5 (-210)
  • Home team total: chargers ON 20.5 (-240)
  • Quarterback Pass Accessories: ON 1.5 DT (-191)
  • Quarterback Passing Props: Over 250 passing yards (-301)
  • Receiving yard accessories: over 50 receiving yards (-250)
  • Anytime Hit Marker: (-140)

I feel really good for the seven stages tonight SGP, too much. Let’s do this!

49ers vs. Titans same Parlay game

  • Choose your own line – San Francisco 49ers +6.5 (-375)
  • Alternative Totals – Over 36.5 (-375)
  • Total 1st quarter – More than 6.5 points (-250)
  • Passing Yards to Get – To get more than 200 passing yards (-425)
  • Quarterback Passing Touchdowns – Over 1.5 (-136)
  • Receiving yards to get – To get more than 50 receiving yards (-375)
  • Anytime Hit Marker – (+115)

Parlay odds: +425

Choose your own line – San Francisco 49ers +6.5 (-375)

We always like to buy points on prime time spreads which we can easily do with PointsBet SGPs. Why bet on the 49ers -3 to -110, when you can take them +6.5 to -375? Now instead of needing the favorites on the road to win by a placement, we just need them to win or lose by a touchdown or less. I love the odds of San Fran – Jimmy G and his boys have won five of their last six games, scoring 175 total points in that span (29.1 points per game). The Titans may be at the top of their division now, but their trend has been declining since the reigning two-time racing champion suffered an injury. I don’t think Tennessee has a strong enough defense – or an attack strong enough – to overcome the Niners’ top-flight offense. Garoppolo has enjoyed a very effective stretch since the tight end of the studs came back from injury. San Fran always seems to dominate the running game and short to intermediate passing game and then explode with a YAC-bomb. So, I like that the hottest Niners team wins, but I like them at +6.5. Be careful and take the easy green.

Alternative Totals – Over 36.5 (-375)

Just like with spreads, I always take a lower number for ONs and a higher number for BELOWs during manufacture SGPs. These teams are both averaging over 24 points per game this season, while allowing over 22 points per game. Tennessee have weakened offensively a bit in recent weeks, but there’s plenty of reason to believe this one will end around 40 points or more. The winner of the Titans games this season is averaging 28.7 points. Don’t predict tonight’s total using final scores from Tennessee’s last two games – Jacksonville and Pittsburgh have infractions that make San Francisco the greatest sight on the turf. The Niners could put 30 themselves.

Total 1st quarter – More than 6.5 points (-250)

Next, next… this one is also easy in my eyes. Both of these teams need Ws to hold onto their postseason position and should come out running. I don’t expect a chess match, I expect a shootout. A touchdown has been scored in the first quarter of the Titans’ last three games, and San Francisco has scored more than 29 points in its last six games. I’m on this one – let’s root a few points!

Garoppolo 200+ passing yards (-425) and ON 1.5 Pass TDs (-131)

Sorry, Titans fans, I promise you I’m not trying to charge you guys. Tennessee just isn’t a good team without and without a sophomore stud, and with a rutted offensive line. I think the Niners will dominate possession time, move the chains freely and get into the end zone a lot. But with three of San Fran’s top four full-backs on Day 1 injured, I would expect the majority of the damage to be from the air. is a shell of himself, and he’s a far cry from the red zone weapon that,, and Brandon Aiyuk are at this point in his career. Jimmy G has thrown for 200 yards in eight total games this season, each of the last four. He’s also had several touchdowns in six games, including two of the last three. Both of these accessories add a ton of value, without adding a lot of risk.

Kittle 50+ Reception Yards (-400) and Score a TD (+110)

We end our fantastic SGP with a double shot, and I think those two props are great bets to make. The stud’s tight end has just been named to the Pro Bowl, helped in large part by his 425 receiving yards and three touchdowns over the past three weeks. Kittle has finished with 50 yards in seven of his 11 games this season, and he’s scored a touchdown in five games overall. He also has eight career touchdowns in 13 prime-time games and always rises in big season-ending contests. If you want less bet, go for the receiving accessory. But if you love living dangerously like Austin Powers – and getting paid more handsomely – take on these two accessories and keep your fingers crossed for the huge win!

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