11 including 6 women, 4 children die in truck bomb explosion in Karachi returned home after marriage in Pakistan



New Delhi: About 11 people were reported dead, including 6 women and 4 children, after a hand grenade was thrown at the truck they were traveling in by unidentified men.

Victims returning home after attending a wedding on Saturday when the incident happened in the town of Baldia in Karachi on Saturday. Conflicting reports have emerged as to how the explosion took place.

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According to PTI, a report said unidentified people threw hand grenades at the truck while others said the truck exploded from inside, police said.

Eleven people were killed in the blast believed to have been the result of a grenade attack, Imran Yaqoob Minhas, a police officer in the capital, told journalist PTI.

“I can confirm that 11 bodies were recovered including six women and four children from the site of the explosion while 12 were injured and some are in critical condition,” he added.

Although Minhas said they did not know the exact nature of the explosion and the investigation was ongoing, eyewitnesses said they saw people on motorcycles throw a grenade at the truck and fled.

Senior Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) official Raja Umer Khattab said it was a terrorist attack aimed at sowing fear and panic in the city. He said, based on what they know, the truck was loaded with 20-25 people at the time of the explosion who were returning home after attending a wedding ceremony.

He said the hand grenade apparently exploded before hitting the floor of the truck.

Meanwhile, the Jang newspaper quoted a Bomb Disposal Squad official as saying they suspected the explosion was the result of a bomb blast because they found shrapnel, nails and bolts. in the wreckage of the truck which are commonly used in locally made bombs. .

Khattab said 10 bodies were transferred to hospital while the injured were also transferred for treatment. The corpses include four boys aged 10 to 12, he said.



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