10 Video Game Bosses Tougher Than The Final Boss


Players hate and look forward to the final boss of the game they’re playing; this is the last fight to conclude the match. However, the final boss isn’t always as difficult as most assume. While most games include boss battles to advance the story and challenge the player, some mini-bosses require even more strategy and effort than the main antagonist.

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Sometimes there is exhausting preparation that builds a player’s experience, making the fight easy in the end. Other times, the developers choose to include rage-inducing challenges. Some bosses are just harder to defeat than the last one.

ten Jack Baker’s First Appearance Is Scary Enough To Stop Players (Resident Evil 7)

Resident Evil 7 the deviance from the franchise’s most common tropes presented a fresh yet terrifying game for fans. The unexpectedly twisted characters Ethan Winters encounters differ from the generally infected or enhanced villains of previous games.

Jack Baker doesn’t exactly look monstrous, or his size intimidating, but he sure is horrifying. After being chased through the house, players will be stuck in a small garage with the man for a scorching minute, circling for valuables and then knocking him over.

9 Phantamanta is beyond frustrating (Super Mario Sunshine)

There’s something cathartic about cleaning up the goop in Super Mario Sun. Still, the sheer amount of goop and a transparent giant Electric Manta make the Sirena Beach boss beyond exasperated. The boss, Phantmanta, crawls along the shore, leaving a trail of slime that’s nearly impossible to avoid.

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In addition to cleaning, Mario must use his limited water supply to destroy the Manta. Only after pulverizing the creature, it transforms into groups of smaller electrifying mantas that eventually come back to avenge their large unified form.

8 Patients need good aim (Little Nightmares II)

In the prequel to little nightmares, Little Nightmares II, players can step into Mono’s bare feet as it journeys through varied environments. While most of the game’s bosses are equally gruesome, one of the scariest encounters comes when players have to navigate a dark hospital with mannequin patients.

While these disturbing creatures aren’t typical bosses like The Doctor, they’re harder to get around. Mono can wield a flashlight, which seems to be the patient’s only weakness, but her size compared to the mass of fast-walking dummies makes it difficult to level.

seven Deathstroke barely gives players a chance (Batman: Arkham Origins)

However Batman: Arkham Origins received mixed reviews, the game is still a load of stealth and vigilante fun. Most of the bosses Batman the games are exciting routine fights, including the showdown with Bane. However, Deathstroke is an exceptionally difficult challenge.

As one of Batman: Arkham Origins‘ early boss fights, players aren’t fully equipped with the abilities and upgrades that would make things easier. His nimble attacks hardly give players a chance to counter unless they have their eyes on the prompts.

6 Malenia is reborn with more power (Elden Ring)

Ring of Elden players recognize that Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is easily one of the toughest bosses in the game. As she states at the start of the fight, she has never known defeat and almost proves it. His huge health bar is quite intimidating compared to the player’s, which can easily be wiped out with a few hits from him.

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Of course, like most difficult bosses, Malenia gets back up once players are sure they’ve taken her down. Malenia’s new wings and powers exhaust the confrontation, eroding player confidence.

5 Players cannot damage Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 5)

resident evil 5 isn’t everyone’s favorite game in the franchise, but it offers a fun co-op experience. While players might consider Wesker a challenge without the help of any minions, this time he has a tool in the form of Jill Valentine.

After a brief emotional reunion between Chris and Jill, players must face off against equally strong characters. Although neither Jill nor Wesker are defeated in their feline attempts to kill Chris and Sheva, players mostly hide until they try to stop and help the incredibly fast Jill.

4 Bouldergeist takes too long (Super Mario Galaxy)

Nope Super Mario the game would be complete without a scary level, and super mario galaxy“Ghostly Galaxy” is worth mentioning. After hiking through the haunted house and to a distant floating platform via stars, Mario faces Bouldergeist. As if his glowing yellow eyes weren’t scary enough, he throws several large boulders that sometimes turn into Bomb Boos.

Next, Bouldergeist will develop pairs of fists to frustrate anyone attempting a speedrun. While players might consider his initial appearance less threatening than other bosses in the game, the accuracy and time it takes to take down Bouldergeist is ultimately immense.

3 The Guardian is Surprisingly Fast (The Evil Within)

There’s nothing more unsettling than being followed by a fat, box-headed butcher in dim lighting. Sure, The Evil Within prides itself on its creep factor. Most boss fights will increase the player’s heart rate, making clashes a little more difficult.

After Sebastian descends into the dungeon, he encounters the “Guardian”. While most hope and assume the monster will move slowly, it is relatively fast and seems to regenerate. Players might find that explosive bolts work better for knocking down the large creature after a few rounds in the vicinity.

2 Lady Dimitrescu is one of the first challenges (Resident Evil Village)

Although the nine-foot vampire matron is introduced as a boss at the start of Resident Evil Village, it should not be underestimated. Lady Dimitrescu walks relatively slowly in her original form through the castle. Still, players scramble for extra ammo as soon as she’s transformed into a giant flying creature.

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At this point, players have used most of their precious bullets on Lady Dimitrescu’s equally tough daughters, leaving them with low ammo and a mediocre rifle that’s difficult to use on a constantly moving or attacking creature. It may take until the last bullet to take down the winged beast.

1 Sigrun is almost impossible to beat (God Of War)

The return of Kratos in the legendary God of the war in 2018 introduced players to plenty of villains and Norse stories to delve into. While the main mission pits Kratos against Baldur in a tough fight, the player’s side quests will improve Kratos’ strength and defense, making the finale a breeze.

However, one of the side quests asks the player to battle eight incredibly strong Valkyries before meeting their queen, Sigrun. Individual Valkyries are tough enough, but their queen uses all of their abilities and more to induce plenty of moments of rage.

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