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Souldiers is a sleek new Metroidvania that puts you in control of a recently deceased soldier as he navigates an underground maze in the otherworldly realm of Terragaya. You’ll fight your way through treacherous environments as you make your way through this cavern, encountering a variety of threats and obstacles along the way.

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You’ll need a nice assortment of easily accessible tools, weapons, and items to survive in this strange new world. Luckily, the game makes all three available to you as you progress. Here are some of our favorite items and weapons you’ll acquire as you explore Terragaya.


ten kobold hammer

The Kobold Hammer will seem familiar to platformers pretty quickly. Like many items in Souldiers, these hammers will initially appear as a weapon used against you by fox enemies in-game, being thrown at you in an arcing path similar to those thrown by the Hammer Bros. in Super Mario Bros. Games.

Each time you defeat these fox enemies, they have a chance to drop the Kobold Hammer for you to pick up and use. You’ll throw the weapon the same way as the foxes you faced, but at a higher arch. While it can be a bit difficult to aim at your enemies, these hammers still pack a good punch.

9 Bombs

While they might not be the most spectacular items in the game, your standard bombs are still extremely useful, especially early on. Not only do you get this item by default through standard progression, but you’ll get it quite early on, adding to your initially limited arsenal of weapons.

Bombs make a great explosive offensive tool in a pinch, but they’re also good for exploration and discovery. You will come across various walls and barricades in the game that will require these destructive tools to be destroyed, and some of them even hide treasure chests and other secrets.

8 nomadic dagger

The Nomad Dagger isn’t a particularly flashy weapon, but its high ammo count and direct attack make it very useful. You’ll throw these daggers right in front of your enemies, in a style reminiscent of the daggers in various Castlevania titles.

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To find the Nomad Dagger, you’ll need to reach the Sibuna Desert area of ​​the game. In the Secret Hideout location, you’ll come across a hidden wall that blocks your view of a blue treasure chest. Open this chest to add the dagger to your inventory.

seven Fire Acolyte

At the start of the Spider’s Lair area of ​​the game, you will encounter monstrous beings who will throw flasks of green fire at you. Not only do these flasks explode on impact, but they also send out a green ball of fire that bounces forward from their point of impact. Fortunately, these dangerous projectiles are also available to you as a weapon.

You’ll find this item, appropriately, in the Acolyte Lair section of the map. You’ll spot a blue treasure chest in front of a locked door, and if you manage to avoid the hidden pit just before the treasure, you can grab this powerful weapon.

6 Dark spear

You will encounter the Dark Lance optional item when fighting the Dark Lancer mini-boss in The Depths of the Spider’s Lair. While facing this fearsome enemy, he will occasionally throw his spear in your direction for a powerful attack. After defeating him, it is powerful to get this weapon for yourself.

If you interact with the pile of corpses left in the Dark Lancer’s wake, it will start to crumble a bit. Examine it again and it will reveal another blue treasure chest containing the mighty spear. It consumes a large amount of your ammo, but it will kill many of the less powerful enemies in the game.

5 Hipicus crystal

The Hipicus Crystal unique item is extremely handy in battles, creating a wall of electrical energy to zap your enemies. When overwhelmed by enemies, it’s a handy tool, adding to the damage you can deal as it slowly shocks those it comes in contact with.

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The Hipicus Crystal requires a bit of work to get your hands on. In the Sunken Lab area, you’ll come across a hidden red crate that can be dragged and thrown from a platform, falling onto a switch below. This switch will open a barricade that will prevent you from opening the chest containing the Hipicus Crystal.

4 Zarga’s Shield

Souldiers gives you the ability to upgrade your armor and increase your health as you progress, but the game still offers a fair amount of challenge. When enemies attack from all directions, there are few items that can save your skin like Zarga’s Shield, which will block attacks that come from behind you.

This handy shield can easily be missed, if you don’t help the characters in town. You will get it through the “Ironclads In Trouble” side quest. Completing this optional side mission will see your character rewarded with the Shield of Zarga.

3 Poisoned Khopesh

The Poison Laced Khopesh is a devastating poisonous blade that can be thrown at your enemies. Each time you use it, the weapon will slowly spin forward, damaging and poisoning anything that falls in its path.

To find the Poison Laced Khopesh, you’ll need to head to the Great Pyramid, and you’ll also need to track down the Red Globus item in order to access its treasure chest. Use the Red Globus to remove the red bubble around the chest, and this dangerous weapon is yours.

2 winter pink

There aren’t many items that help you against airborne enemies as well as the Winter Rose. Place this endgame item on the ground and it will shoot a barrage of icicles skyward, damaging anything above the frost burst.

The Winter Rose can be acquired in the laboratory below. You’ll need to use the Wind Orb to access the underwater area, where you’ll find it sitting in a nearby blue treasure chest.

1 black razor

The Dark Razor is a beast of a secondary weapon. This massive, dual-bladed beast will spin along surfaces, slicing through enemies and dealing copious amounts of damage. For crowd control or just destroying powerful enemies, this blade is usually a solid option.

The Dark Razor rests in the Temple of Fire. You’ll need to activate the Sand Crystal near its location, which will cause long sand platforms to come your way. Jump onto these platforms and into a small crevice in the ceiling in order to snag the Dark Razor.

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